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1961 Chevy Apache C-10

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12 May 2005

From Randy: 

      Ok, I know my 1961 Apache C-10 is not much to look at but I have only had it three weeks. But I am here to tell you that this truck is solid and runs like new! It has 63,000 original miles, virtually no rust and is already in-progress. It has the original eyebrow hood! As a custom paint aficionado, I will make this my pet project.

      Your site has been a great inspiration to me as I have never seen another "eyebrow hood."

      Best part is: the truck cost me nothing! I traded a BIG military jeep for it that I had owned for 10 years but had only put 3,000 miles on. I already have 700 miles on the truck!

      I think I'm in love ... I'll keep you updated!

      I've already started hammering and spooning the body. Anyone know where I can get a wiring harness and how to identify the original dash panel? I have an extra that came with the truck. I am not a purist but I'd like to know.

Roll on,

Randy Easterling
Chief FullaBull
Jackson, Michigan

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