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Leonardtown, Maryland


1958 & 1936 Chevrolet Trucks


The 1958 Chevy 3100 Owned by

Florian Dylinski


The 1936 Chevy Owned by

Witold Dylinski

San Diego, California

11 October 2007
# 2083 & # 2084

From Florian :

           Here are some pics of our 1958 Chevy 3100 2-wheel drive and our 1936 Chevy. The 1958 will be mine when I get my license in two years.


The story on the '58 follows           

           While we were living in Los Angeles, California, we were looking for a classic truck. After looking at about 15 trucks, my Dad said "No" to every one. We went to the next city and we looked at a 1960 Chevy truck and that was not the one either. On the way back home, we found this 1958. We talked to the owner and he said he wanted $4000 for it. That was out of our range at that time.

           We moved from Los Angeles to San Diego. About two months later, we sold one of our cars and needed another one. We drove back to the location were this 1958 truck was and my Dad talked to the owner again. He still had the old truck. After about two days, we bought it.

           It is mainly bone stock except for the wheels. My Dad remembered that there had been a second 1958 for sale for $1800 that we looked at before. We went back and bought it for $1000. We took the rally wheels off it and sold the truck for $800.

           That's the background story on the 1958. So far, all we have done to it is change the wheels, buy some chrome for the engine, fix the cab corners, and drive it. What I have planned for it is to make it a cross between a rat rod and '50's custom. My Dad already made a custom grille. It's an original one with seven 1957 Chevy hood bullets on the two-grille bars. The 235 is staying and I am looking for vintage speed equipment for it.

Here's the story on the '36

           We wanted another old truck so we began looking around for one. We went to Collector Car Trader On-line and found a 1958 Chevy Stepside for $1500. Then we stumbled onto a 1936 Chevy about 30 minutes away from our house.

           That weekend we went up to Los Angeles to look at the '58 but decided that we really wanted the '36. I didn't have much hope that it would still be there -- but it was! So Wednesday, we drove from Lakeside to San Diego to look at it. (Lakeside is near San Diego.)

           When we saw it, we found that the truck was in perfect condition. No rust (besides surface rust). So my Dad talked the owner down to $1200 and the deal was done. Two days later, we took our friend's truck and trailer and picked it up.

           The '36 has no motor and trans and no seat. The good thing is it has an extra set of doors and an extra suspension and set of fenders. We already have new cab wood.

           This truck will be my Dad's not mine. He wants to do is make it a daily driver and put a 250 straight six in. I am trying to have him put in either a straight 8 or a 302 GMC or a 235 Chevy.

Stovebolt Fever ??

           The funny part is the '58 we wanted to look at is still for sale for $1250, now complete with motor and transmission. We are not going to buy it though. ("We are not going to buy it though" -- famous last words!! ~~ Editor)


           Thanks and keep up the great site.