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01 February 2013 Update
# 2076

Owned by
DJ Durant
Bolter # 13796
Canton, Kansas


1964 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup Truck


More pictures of my old truck

Follow the discussion and updates on this truck


From DJ :

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here we go again.

I had the old truck up and running in just about two years after I brought it home. Primer, and with a plywood flatbed so Dawg could go along, and that was good for me. Thank you Lester "Whisker's" Carter for all the help getting it back together.

Then one evening, I was on the way to town and the engine started making some strange noises. After being towed home and taking off the head, I found that the re-build had gone bad, in a big way.

So out comes the engine (again). Only had just under 6,000 miles on it and I never have figured out why it went bad.

Another rebuild, and I'm back in the saddle.

I stopped by a friend's place to visit and he asked why I was still riding around in primer. I told him I wasn't a painter, and he said he could fix that.

So the next day he's at the house at 8 in the a.m. and we are going after it like a couple of madmen. Eight days later, it's covered in new colors. And I'm a happy camper. Thanks John Schwarz.

The next weekend, with the paint barely dry, I drive it to Oklahoma City to show it off to Mom and family. When I get home, I realize the reason I am so sore is that the steering box has been leaking. Armstrong Power Steering don't cut it for this old man.

So now that's been reworked and back together.

On that road trip, I realized I needed something to hold everything in place under the seat. After one inquiry on Stovebolt, several of the Bolter's have me set up with an original jack storage set up. There are some really great folks on this site, and I appreciate everything everyone has done to help me with my truck.

I'd like to change out the brakes and go with disc sometime down the road. I've been collecting parts as I can, and soon enough I'll have all the stuff to do the swap.

Air conditioning is also on the list, with the Kansas summers being a little on the warm side.

While I was in OKC, my cousin came by and saw the truck. Couldn't believe the work that had been done to it. He told me it wasn't this nice when Grandma bought it new in 1964.

I got home and she sent me some old photos she had found when the truck was nearly new. She also found the original invoice when Grandma and family bought it new, as well as the original OK tag that was on the truck. This is the only new vehicle my Grandparents ever owned. It's the same truck I got my license in at 15. So, this old truck has a ton of good memories that go with it.

I live on three miles of dirt road, and it takes some doing to keep it cleaned up after going to town. There is always someone that wants to see it or talk about it when I go anywhere, And Dawg seems to think it's his ride. I just do the driving.

I'll never let it go and I have to figure out how to be buried with it when the time comes. My daughter doesn't have too much interest in it, as she seems to think it's just an old truck, without the power steering, brakes, A/C, etc. that she has to have to go anywhere. I'm happier driving this old truck than I would be with a brand new one. Seems the new stuff just doesn't have any soul or character. I get everywhere I want to go in this one, just not as fast.

Thanks again to all the folks here on Stovebolt. I'll try and keep up with the changes I make as time goes on.

DJ "Tramp" Durant


Congrats to you DJ. Sounds like you and Dawg are having a good time of it all!

DJ has been pretty good to post his updates in his DITY Gallery thread. Be sure to check for new photos to the Photobucket album, too. Any and all questions welcome! If you post in the forum, others can share in the discussion. Thanks ~ Editor

03 October 2007
# 2076

From DJ :

           This is my 1964 Chevy C-10. My Grandparents bought it new from a dealer in Norman, Oklahoma for the exorbitant sum of $2005. I even have the original invoice! It was used by my Uncle for chores on the farm. It never left the farm. This truck has been in my family since it was new. I even took my driving test in it back in 1969 when I was still a pup in high school (by the way.... I failed the first time I took the test ... something about a stop sign, the examiner said).

           Here are a couple of pictures and a story of a lazy man's "frame off" restoration.

           I got busted up in a scooter crash about eight years ago and I haven't been able to work since then. For the past couple of years, I've done plenty of nothing. A buddy of mine thought it would be good "therapy" for me to get off the couch and do something.

           We had talked about this old truck that was sitting in the field at my Grandparents and decided we'd go get it and see what we could do to stay busy in the winter. So two weeks before Christmas of 2006, we hauled it home. It had been sitting at the farm in Oklahoma for over 20 years. We started a complete frame off restoration.

           We proceeded to see if we could make a silk purse out of this sow's ear. Next thing I know, I'm selling my 1990 Chevy Silverado because the funds aren't coming into play fast enough. This is after I've already thrown several grand at the beast just for a couple of this, that and some of those. My girlfriend comes out to "talk to the feet" cause I've spent so much time underneath the thing she hasn't had a face to face conversation with me in several months (just to tell me she's leaving).

           So I get it running and drive it for a while. I decided that it's using too much oil (3 quarts for a 50 mile ride) so out comes the motor (again). Another grand later, and I have got the new motor in it (again). About six months after I brought it home, I got it tagged here in Kansas. I've had the best time of my life since my crash. Now, after rebuilding every nut and bolt on the thing from the front bumper bolts to the rear taillights, I've started using it for my daily driver.

           The bed is in my shop, sandblasted and new wood cut and stained for it, ready for paint. I did replace the cab mounts while I had it this far torn down. I painted the frame, as well as everything that was bolted on or moved in any way.

           My buddy “Whiskers” Carter is older even than myself, and we just didn't have enough horsepower between us to take that last little bit off, knowing we were just going to turn around and put it back on.

           When I go to town, I ALWAYS get a good comment or the thumbs up from someone. That makes me feel a like million bucks, especially knowing I DID IT! Makes my day, grinning like a baby that's just put a pile in the Pampers.

           I tried to keep as much of the original truck as possible. My Mom always said I had a bad problem of "I'magonna." When I went after the truck last Christmas, she said it sure looked sad sitting on the trailer and she wondered if it was going to end up in the junkyard like some of my earlier projects. Amazing how much change comes with a few years of maturity (that reads "getting older"). There were three of us boys in the family and we all drove this truck at one time or another. My oldest brother drove it the most in high school and I'd just as soon not know of all his escapades with it.

           My other brother drove it nearly 40 years ago, and just this past weekend, he was here to visit and I let him drive it again. I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs with someone else behind the wheel of my treasure. I guess my fears were well founded when first he spun the tires the length of the driveway trying to get used to the clutch. Then in a slide that would have made any major league ball player proud, he tried to stop with the drum brakes. Finally, out on the road, we went from ditch to ditch while he "herded" it down the road. Glad there weren't any Troopers around as we would have gone to jail for being drunk.

           No matter how we explained it to him, "It's nothing like my truck" he nervously says as we make it back in the driveway. (He's got a 2006 Silverado) but "Grandma and Grandpa would be proud with what you've done." Ten morticians couldn't take this smile off my face after hearing him say that.

           I like to think that every time I'm working on it or out for a drive, that upstairs Grandma and Grandpa are looking down and smiling with me to know that the ol' truck is still going.

           I have so many of the folks from here at Stovebolt to thank for all the advice and encouragement. I'll run out of my time on this chunk of dirt a happy man. I think anybody can drive a new truck, but it'll never have the soul or character of an “ol' truck.” I want to thank everyone at Stovebolt for having the site and all the work they do to help us all keep the old iron going. Grandpa used to say that the good things in life are rare.

           The ol' gal has given me fits at every turn, and there are times I've been hoping for a fire to take over on this project. I found this web site and now any time I have a question, I can usually find someone that has the sickness for old iron like I do.

           The best advice I can give anyone who is thinking of tackling a project of restoring or rebuilding one of these ol' beasts, is get after it and “Git R Done.” I would rather have this ol' truck over a new one, any day. This one has class and character. Best therapy I could have spent my money on.

Love those old trucks.

DJ "Tramp" Durant



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