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Cool Old Truck

Pierre du Raan's


1-1/2 Ton

20 September  03  

From Pierre 

Hi There from South Africa! 
I recently got this 1936 1 and a half toner as a restoration project!

I am the second official owner of the truck and it is 99% complete!!! The only thing that was missing when I got it was the radiator cap!! Until now this truck has belonged to the same family since it was bought from General Motors in Port Elizabeth South Africa, then it had an oak and tin cab build and fitted by a coach builder and was then taken to James Town where it was used as a coal transportation truck. The number plates as seen in the pics have been the same since first registered and the license disc on the windshield dates back to 1953 and the one hidden behind that apparently is one of the first issued to this vehicle. The keys switches and everything else is all original too!

We had to do a little work on her and even found original parts for the master cylinder; generator and fuel pump at "Teds Auto Spares" who specialize in old car parts.

Now She starts and runs smoothly but needs a fair amount of cleaning up!!! 

We will most definitely keep you posted with our progress!


Pierre du Raan

Curator "Pierre - thanks for the great pictures of your truck.  Keep us posted on your progress!"

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