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Cool Old Truck

Capp Dunnebeck's

1956 4100 Dump

Christmas 02

From Capp

Christmas, Chevy style!

13 May 01

From Capp:

     Hello, I sure enjoy your site. Appreciate the Swap Meet.

     I recently purchased a '56 4100 dump. It had been used off road for 15 years. I spent a Saturday morning getting the lights working and making sure it was "road worthy." I drove it home 12 miles with only low in the 2-speed rear end working. I did not make a lot of Saturday drivers happy that day!

     A few weekends and evenings got it in shape for itís first big job. My son and I hauled 27 yards of fill home one Sunday.

     I own a '46 2-ton (no photo yet). I will rebuild the 235 for the '46 and the '56 gets a 350! The '63 is going into the shed for now. My seven year old wants to rebuild it for himself. Good thing we have 9 years!

     Thanks again for a great site!


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