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1955 Chevy 3100 1st Series

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Tracy Duncan
Bolter # 17898

11 October 2008
# 2448

From Tracy :

        Here is my 1955 Chevy 3100 1st Series truck. It is the 6 volt, 6 cylinder (original) with the 3-speed manual transmission.

        My truck was spotted on our Hinds Community College's internal newsletter, being sold by one of my friends and co-worker's husband, Jerry. I wasn't shopping for any new auto projects, as I was finishing up the restoration of a 1965 Mustang coupe that my Father and I began together. I inquired about the '55 truck and just for grins wanted to go take a look, since it was only a couple miles from my house.

        Jerry and I had a good discussion. He told me of fond memories he had as a boy riding in the old truck that was his Grandfather's. The truck was used on a tobacco farm. Jerry said the truck had been stored for many years in a barn. Then he acquired it and got it running so he could take his Mother for a ride when she came down to visit. She was absolutely thrilled to ride in her Father's old truck.

        Well, Jerry had met his goal. So there sat the old 3100, next to his garage for several years.

        When I asked if it ran, he said, "it ran when I parked it." Of course I could tell it had been worked on ... tail lights added, carb cleaned, brake cylinders replaced, etc. But the ol' 6 volt, 6 cylinder, mostly original 1/2-ton wouldn't spark to a rumble when I tried to jump it.

        So, I knew my task was before me ... take off the carb and clean it; adjust the points; get a new battery; air up the old tires. After a few trips back and forth to Jerry's house, I was ecstatic to hear the old 235 engine crank up and run -- but just long enough to burn up the gas in the carb bowl. Yup, clogged gas tank.

        We made a make-shift tank from an old gallon jug and kept it running. I jumped in for a spin after checking the emergency brake and away I went, out of the driveway and up the hill. I turned around and headed down hill, back to Jerry's when all of a sudden the brake pedal went freely to the floor.... busted brake line in front that hadn't been replaced. I said a prayer that the emergency brake would hold up as I accelerated downhill. Angels got in front of the ol' truck and slowed it down just as I coasted into Jerry's driveway and back beside the barn, emergency brake just barely having any effect.

        Well, at least I made some progress. Time for brake line replacement. I got the truck home by driving it with my good friend, Tim, chaperoning in my van. My son, Aidan, was very excited to see the Chevy when he came over, since I told him he would be able to drive it to school in a few years after he got his driver's license.

        So, now we will restore it just enough to make it safe for a very careful and responsible teenage boy to use and decide how he wants to fully restore later, of course, under Dad's very close supervision.

        My photostream of the truck is on Flickr.


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