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Cool Old Truck

Bob Duncan's

1948 Chevy Stylemaster S/D

01 February 01

From Bob

Hi John,

     This is "Miss Daisy," my 1948 Stylemaster Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. She is ALL original, or exact replacement parts.

     She began life in Florida as a "Flower Car" as it's know in the florist's trade (hence the name "Daisy"), but has been garaged since 1974 by a collector/friend. I bought her at his estate auction with only 65K miles (only 800 of those were put there by him). I am the first to own her out of his family.

     She now enjoys life as the "flagship" of our county archives, where I am the director, doing the odd parade/school program but otherwise rests comfortably in semi-retirement in her heated and air conditioned garage down at the archives. The fact that the young 'uns like her is simply a byproduct - but a nice one, to be sure.

     Her little 216 stovebolt motor purrs like a kitty and she drives like a dream (read: tractor!). Daisy enjoys the care and attention of Mr. Jerry Donovan, a gifted restorer, who fusses over her and keeps her happy.

     Not being particularly mechanical I had shopped for YEARS looking for that perfect old 40's truck ready to go. I went to the auction hell-bent on coming home with "Daisy" and announced to all the "leaners" that I had come to buy her. Being an old auctioneer myself, it put them all on notice and scared off all the casual bidders. Okay, so I paid a some-ish high price for her, but what the hey - its only money after all. Trucks like this only come around rarely.

     I have been feverishly surfing the web trying to find others who have S/Ds that are completely stock/original. There seem to be plenty that have been chopped/rodded/butchered and sometimes hacked to death - but I am yet to find anyone who has an original. Being a complete neophyte/barefoot pilgrim at this sort of thing it would be nice to find someone to keep me on the straight and narrow. Know anyone?

     We hope your readers like her as much as the local school children who think she is pretty special.

Bob Duncan
Columbia, Tennessee

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