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A Cool Old Truck

Blaine Dumkee's


GMC 9314 Stepside

08 April  03 UPDATE

From Blaine

        Here is an update to my original photo submission.

        The truck is a 1959 GMC 9314, which is a Canadian short box, stepside half ton.

        The truck has had a frame off restoration completed during the past nine months (November 02 - July 03). The drive train is still the original 235 I6, 3 speed, and 3.90 rear end. The engine has been painted and detailed to as close to original as I could.

        The truck has been painted 2002 GM truck light pewter, with the front bright work chromed. The box no longer has stake pockets, but still sports tailgate chains. The box has oak wood and stainless steel hardware. The hubcaps are from a 47-54 GMC truck and the trim rings are correct for the year.

        This truck was originally a farm truck and, therefore, was very basic. It now has factory original electric windshield wipers, GMC AM radio, deluxe heater, and a GMC factory Sun tachometer. The interior has been painted body color with the exception of the dash top, door panels, and steering column are painted dark grey. The seat is an original seat from a '58 GMC fire truck and is showing some wear, but no tears and it has not be recovered. I am hoping to install a newer style bench seat in the truck next summer with integrated seat belts, possibly from a Dakota.

        For more pictures of the truck, both completed and during the restoration go to this web site.


Blaine Dumkee
Fort Smith, NT
stovebolter name: northerngmc

08 April  03  

From Blaine   


        My name is Blaine Dumkee, I live in Fort Smith NT, Canada.  In case you want to find that on a map look about 700 miles north of Montana or 60 01N 111 57W.

        My truck is a 1959 GMC 9314, with the original 235 I6 and 3 speed manual transmission. Canadian GMC's came with Chevrolet drive trains.

        I purchased this truck in September 1989, and drove it home two blocks.  After tearing apart the brakes I realized I should of towed it as only one wheel cylinder was working. I spent the next six months making the truck road worthy and then I used it as my daily transportation around town.  As I was only 20 years old when I purchased the truck, the truck was parked a couple of times will I attended school.  In December of 1995 the engine was removed and rebuilt.

        The truck is presently disassembled, with the frame painted, the cab repaired, new front fenders and box, and waiting to be painted and reassembled.  This work is being professionally done with a target finish date of July 1, 2003.  The truck will be painted 2002 Chevy Truck Pewter, and the bumpers, grill, and headlight doors will be chromed.  I plan to install a bench seat from a Dakota with built in seat belts (wife says the truck needs seat belts if I are taking my boys with me!).

        I would like to install an original 3 speed overdrive transmission in the truck to allow for better highway speeds.

        I will send an updated photo when available.

        Thanks for the great web page and resource.




Wow Blaine - that is a nice straight old GMC - Keep us posted on the progress! ~~ Curator

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