Doug Ducor's

1966 Chevy C-30

Good Old "Rusty"

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23 April 2005

From Doug: 

      This 1966 C-30 pickup was my very first Chevrolet, and turned out to be my all time favorite vehicle. I paid $300 for it back in October 1985 when it had 226,000 miles.

      It was not in the greatest condition but it ran like a bear. It had a 250 engine and Muncie 4-speed transmission.

      I named this one "Rusty" for obvious reasons. I had a blast taking "Rusty" to car shows. It won last place at the Southbury, Connecticut show in 1991 and then won third in its class in 1995. It won third place because there were only three trucks there!

      That yellow hood came off a school bus. I lived in West Hartford, Connecticut at the time and most people really took notice. They usually had a disgusted look on their faces. I guess "Rusty" did not fit in with all of those Jaguars, Mercedes, and other expensive vehicles that were so common in that wealthy town.

      I have since moved to Georgia where these vehicles are appreciated more.

      "Rusty" was quite reliable, and went to 357,000 miles. At that point, rust forced him into retirement in October 1994. Naturally, I purchased another 1966 Chevrolet pickup but I opted for a C-10 Fleetside with the long bed.

      Not only was "Rusty" reliable, he was tough, too. Once, he was rear-ended by a 1985 Buick. The Buick was totaled and "Rusty" had no damage.

      I eventually sold "Rusty" for $275 as a running parts truck in 1999. The guy who purchased him had a 1965 C-30 pickup and needed a parts truck. Hopefully Rusty still lives on in that 1965 C-30.

      I really wanted to share my experience with that old C-30. It was not very pretty, but it was a ton of fun to own it. I'll tell some friends who are in the Northeast Chevy/GMC Truck Club about this site. They will love it.

Doug Ducor
"Doug 57"
Clayton, GA

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