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A Cool Old Truck

Tim Dubreuil's

1972 C-10 Chevy

11 July 04 - update  

From Tim:

          I just wanted to send you some recent pics of it now that it's complete. It was my Ol Skool project as you can tell from the pics.

          It's nice to be finally driving this truck again. It took my wife and I, two years to finish this truck. We did every bit of work on it ourselves.           Thanks for all the hard work and timeless hours put in on the Stovebolt Page.



25 December  03  

From Tim

          Here is a bit of history on my '72 Chevy. 

          I bought this truck six years ago with the simple intentions of using it as a beater.  It was originally powered by a 250 inline 6, but has been stripped of it's powerplant to make way for a mildly built 350.  




          It is a long fleetside which is being converted into a flatbed that my father-in-law and I have custom built.  I found this great site in May of 2000 and though I may not post very much, the knowledge here is incredible.

          Here is a before picture and a current picture of it with the flatbed frame set on the back and no engine.

Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada


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