Greg Douglas'

1949 Chevy 3800

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16 August 2005

From Greg: 

       I just picked this up yesterday (August 11, 2005) and I'm really excited about getting something done with this truck. I picked it up from a friend of mine who needed to get it out of his yard because he's moving. I came with enough other parts that they could hardly fit on my 1-ton flatbed truck and 20 ft. flatbed trailer! I got a second front end, many engines and transmissions, all kinds of chrome, grilles. And you can't beat that price, either!

       I'm looking forward to meeting and hearing from other old Chevy truck restorer-type guys.

       The truck is a 1949 3800. It has been in Eastern Oregon and Washington its entire life. One of the previous owners lived only eight miles from me. Since I originally emailed, while rifling through the truck and tearing things apart, I found some old scale receipts for potatoes and grain, an old handwritten firewood cutting permit from Oregon, and a insurance certificate from 1994.

       I love the site!




Thanks again,

Greg Douglas
"Washington 1949 3800"
Eastern Washington State in the mid-Columbia Basin - the nearest town to me is Othello

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