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1958 Chevy 6400 2-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Dale Douglas
Bolter # 17384
Southeast Missouri

Talking about this truck
in the BIG BOLTS forum

01 February 2010
# 2750

More truck pictures in Photobucket!

From Dale :

January 18, 2008, I bought my first 'Bolt -- a 1958 C60 (6400H). I live in Desloge in Southeast Missouri. I bought this big old truck over the Internet at a farm auction in Belle Plain, Kansas. I had the truck taken to a shop near Wichita to be sure if was safe and reliable for the 500 mile drive home. My plan was to bring the truck home the first weekend in March, after stopping by my cousin's in Knob Noster MO. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas!

The shop completely redid the brakes, replaced the radiator, carb and kingpins and wheel bearings. He had all the lights working and the guy said that it was a pretty solid truck and that it ran good. Actually, I was just hoping that I wouldn't see any ground when I sat in the truck. I had my fingers crossed.

I thought this has got to be one of the craziest thing I had ever done! I think it had something to do with turning 50 awhile back. I have always loved the looks of the '58/59 big Chevy Task Force trucks. So far, in a strange way that I can't explain, it had already been a blast. I could hardly wait to go get it and make the trip home.

Well, I went out to Mulvane, Kansas on March 1 to pick up my truck. The picture above is my my first look at the truck. I was a tad bit disappointed. But it appeared to be fit to make a 500 mile trip home. So as not to create unbearable suspense .................. it did make it!

At one point, I was stopped along side a road trying to figger out which way to go and a policeman pulled up behind me. "Oh oh" I says to meself, this may be trouble! The cop asked if I was overheated. I said no and explained the situation. He looked at me and he looked at the truck. Then he looked back at me and back at the truck again. It was written all over his face what he was thinking. "I ain't getting involved with this! This would be waaaaay too much paperwork!" So he wished me luck and sent me on my way. Phew!!!

The whole trip was actually pretty uneventful. To be honest, the combination of me being by myself, not having alot of faith in the work done on the truck, a completely rotten exhaust system and me not have driven a truck like this for about 30 years, made me pretty nervous. It wasn't just a pleasant ride in the country.

On the upside, I figgered if it will make it 500 miles or so, then that's pretty good.

Since I've gotten her home, I've had an exhaust put on it. The motor isn't original (a 327) but it sounds good.

There ain't nothing wrong with it that a few million dollars won't fix"!

I really appreciate this forum and web site. I have already learned more than I thought there was to know about these big bolts. Again thanks for all you do,. It is appreciated by a lot of people like me.

Dale Douglas


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