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A Cool Old Truck

Andy Douglas and Deb Smith's

1946 1/2-Ton Chevy

Andy Douglas and Debbie Smith
of Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello again

    Thought you might all enjoy these individual pics with a small blurb. 1946 Chevy: Fully original, 6volt, rust free. Fully reconditioned motor, re-wired. Used daily for my building business or as a weekend escape vehicle.

<--- 1946 House Truck: On holiday with awning up..

    Removable camper! Fits either '37 or '46 - would probably squash the '28 though.

    Built with light weight metal stud system and clad with Oregan - alloy sheeting. Insulated with polystyrene and Dacron. Supporting two lead lights with American Indian themes.

Just one of their "family of Chevs"

1928, 1937 and 1946

Bye for now,
Andy & Debs

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