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A Cool Old Truck

Casey and Kris Dorneman's

1965 GMC Fleetside Shorty

1 November 00

From Casey and Kris:

Hey everyone,
     Thought you might enjoy seeing some somewhat rare trucks. The first is my old 1965 GMC Fleetside shorty. I bought the truck when I was sixteen, drove it and worked on it when I could, and then sold it when I went to college at 18 years old (I'm 20 now).
     I regret that I sold it every day. It had a worn-out 350/350 combo when I bought it, and I used a bunch of parts from junkyard trucks for the body repair. I patched all the holes in the floors, put an edelbrock manifold and carb on the motor, and old jeep cherokee wheels on it.
     It was a good truck, and I'd love to know if anyone has seen it. I sold it to a guy in the Pierre, South Dakota area.
     There's another truck in the Gallery that belongs to my brother -- 1955 1st series Chevy 1/2-ton shortbox.

     I just want to say that this site has been invaluable in working on these old trucks, and the people that use the bulletin boards are the most valuable resource.
     Thank you, everyone.

Casey and Kris Dorneman

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