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Leonardtown, Maryland


1953 Chevrolet 3100 Five Window Deluxe Cab 1/2-Ton

Owned by

Dan D.
Bolter # 5989
Woodland Park, Colorado
Home of the great Pikes Peak, Altitude 8500 feet / population 8500


Friday 13th
May 2005
# 1104

From Dan: 

      I bought my truck a couple of months ago. A friend (I use that term loosely after the trouble he got me into) called me just after we departed from having lunch. He knew I was hunting for my dream truck, '49-'57 models. He spotted the truck at a local place that deals in collector vehicles, most of them in need of restoration. I turned around to go see the truck he was talking about and things went down hill from there.

      It was a year of truck that I wanted but it was not quite in the condition that I wanted it to be in. [ bed pix ] I later found out it was in much worse condition than I thought. [ interior pix ] It was jammed in-between several vehicles and I did not get to look at it close enough. I needed every patch panel known to man for the cab. He wanted $3000. YA RIGHT!

      When we got done talking, I was out the door at $1500. Boy did I take it in the shorts!

      It was Friday and my friend agreed to help me pick it up on Saturday with his flatbed trailer [ pix ] . The dealer said it ran when it got there (Oh no, not those words ~~ Editor). I think you all have heard that one before.

      I wasn't too worried about the motor because I knew I wanted an oil pressure motor. By the way can anyone tell me what motor it may be by looking at the pictures? (I have put two bigger images here so you can help with the identification ... one / two ~~ Editor) I don't have a clue and neither did the guy who sold me the truck. He is into hot rods not Stovebolts.

      When I told my wife I was buying my old dream truck, she had a cow and several blown gaskets. She knew I had been looking but she did not know I was serious. I told her it was a long-term project and something I could afford right now (not a restored one for $18,000). She told me I would have to do everything she wanted done to our house before I could turn one bolt on the old truck. Boy, that could be several years down the road with her honey do list!

      My wife wouldn't even let me drag it home. She made me store it at my friend's house (the guy who discovered it). She said that is what he gets for getting me into this mess.

      I immediately went window shopping on the internet and found this wonderful site. I also ordered a catalog to drool on and daydream about all the great stuff I could do to my truck. Boy when my wife discovered that in the mail box, I took an earful of reminding of how I couldn't spend a dime on the old rust-bucket until the house was complete to her specification.

      Truck ... wife ... truck ... wife ... truck. I sure am going to miss the wife!

      Just kidding.

      I look forward to all the learning that will take place over the course of the restoration of this truck. I have never taken on a project of this size and scope. I restored a '73 VW Thing but I don't think that is even going to compare to this project.

      Lord help me, and several of you all on this site as well. I will update you with pictures as things progress. I have already torn the bed and rear fenders off as part of the disassembly.

      I want to thank you all for the great site; I am learning so much and meeting people from all over the United States.

Talk to you all soon.