David Dicker's

1957 Chevy 3800 1-Ton Panel Truck


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18 May 2007
# 1947

From David :

           Here is my Chevy 1-ton 3800 panel truck. My Dad bought me this truck when I was 10 as a project for him and me. I am / was the little guy in blue -- but those are some old pictures. I am now 17 and the truck has not changed.

           My Dad bought this truck from a guy he worked with. In the time leading up to the purchase, my Dad had asked what the guy wanted for it and he wanted an El Camino. My Dad searched for an El Camino but never found one. Eventually, the guy gave my Dad a price and the two agreed.

           Later, we learned that the truck belonged to the wife of a Hell's Angel.

           On the originally planned date to bring the truck home, it snowed and the owner said it had never been driven in snow. So we pushed the date back. When we did drive it home, it was 45 mph the whole way --12 or so miles -- on state roads.

           Our plans are to replace the inline 6 with a 350 and swap the suspension for that of a 1975 Suburban. In a perfect world the truck should be ready by fall.

           Besides these pictures, I have more (and will add more later) to my Webshots account.

Thank you,

David Dicker
Bolter # 13424
McHenry, Illinois

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