Dave De Witt's

1940 GMC Pickup

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01 May 2006

From Dave:

       I would like to update my Gallery page with this photo. I also would like to edit my Gallery story -- and will as soon as I can.


Dave De Witt
Bolter # 1943
Gardnerville, Nevada

27 December 2001

From Dave:

       Hi, this is latest picture of my '40 GMC. I just bought it in September without a bed and no wiring. Below, you can see it hauling alfalfa for my horse as a truck should.

       I first saw the truck when I meet a client at his house for the first time. It was sitting in the front yard with no bed and a rat-chewed interior. I remarked what a cool truck and he said, "Do you want to buy it?" I took about two seconds for me to say. "Yes!"

       Well, three months later I've got the bed back on and I'm going home from the auto parts store and this guy follows me home. Turns out he is the one that sold the truck to my client five years ago. He also was the one who brought it here from Southern Colorado in 1993. He was raised there as a kid and knew this rancher. Well, on a trip there he happened to run into this rancher and bought the truck.

       The rancher, who I have sent a letter to, bought the truck new in 1940. It has been on the same ranch for 53 years. So, I guess I am the fourth owner and only the second one to drive her.

       I hope to locate some old photos from the grandson who now runs the ranch.

       Anyway we love this truck and what a great heirloom I have for my son. We are still working on it but it is together except for three grill bars which I hope to find soon. I have much to do but it sure is fun driving it around town and just cruisin.

       I look forward to all the great advice from so many of you that have completed you trucks.


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