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1949 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Bill Dewberry
Bolter # 5608
Springdale, Arkansas

January 2012 Update

From Bill :

Sold the truck to a man in Washington, DC.

01 May 2010 Update

From Bill :

Since it's been a while, I thought I would give you an update on my 1949 Chevy truck.

For starters, I finally installed turn-signals on my old truck. One of my old truck buddies gave them to me. It only had three wires on them but I figured it out and they work really good.

Here is a picture of my granddaughter in my '49 truck at the weekly Sonic cruise night.

She's eight and really enjoys the old truck. In fact I'll pass on a little story about her and the old truck. When she was about five, she would go riding to town with me. She was really amazed how I started the old truck with the foot starter. She always ask me questions about what I was doing shifting and giving hand signals. So one day I decided to moved the starter up on the dash next to the glove box. There was an opening there for a lighter, I think. Well the new starter button fit in the hole. So the next time I took my grand daughter for a ride, I pushed the clutch in and turned on the key. Then I told her she could take her foot and start the truck from the passenger side seat. If you ever seen happiness, I saw that day. The foot starter is still in place but not connected to starter (this a great anti-theft device) .

You can tell that girl is going to be old Chevy truck fan. [ Proud Grandpa! ~ Editor ]

See the USA in Old Chevrolet Truck,

Bill Dewberry

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03 March 2008 Update

From Bill :

          Hi everyone! Back in October of last year, the wife and I went to the Pioneer Days Parade in St. Paul, Arkansas in my 1949 Chevy truck. Here is a photo some friends made at the parade.

          Now the funny story is when we returned back to Springdale, Arkansas where we live, I stopped at the Sonic for a burger and drink. The girl waiting on us asked where we had been. I told her the parade in St. Paul. She thought St. Paul, Minnesota She said the truck must be in good shape to make thaaaat trip.

          We also went to a car show at the Fire Department in Leach,Oklahoma. Did good there -- 1st place.

Bill Dewberry

          Looks like fun at the parade! Congrats on the first place award. That's always a kick in the pants. ~~ Editor [an error occurred while processing this directive]

10 January 2005 Update

From Bill:

          I thought I would share the Christmas spirit with a this rack on my '49 Chevy. Thought you might like it.

          A little update on our doings: I'd been making car and truck shows in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. Also attending some cruises on the weekends at night (like in the 1960's).

          My buddies wants to slip a V-8 and automatic in my 1949 Chevy truck, but I tell them why mess up a perfect ride. They call my truck PRO FARM!

Bill Dewberry

07 July 2004

From Bill:

          One evening while sitting in my 1964 Chevy Impala at a Sonic Drive-In, a man approached me about my car. I told him it was a consolation prize. He then said, with a weird look, "What do you mean?" I told him I had been looking for nearly five years for a early '50's Chevy 1/2-ton truck and this was what I settled on. He replied he had a 1949 Chevy 1/2-ton truck but it wasn't for sale.

          Out of the blue I asked him if I could go home with him and see it. Well, to make a long story short, I made a good friend as well as got the truck I've been looking.

          These are some changes I have made:

  • Motor: (235 cubic inches) 1958 Chevy truck motor
  • Rearend: 1966 Chevy truck (307 Ratio)
  • Transmission: 1966 Chevy truck 3-speed

Bill Dewberry


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