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1940 Chevy Fire Truck

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20 September 2005

From Norm: 

        Hi.  I've attached a couple photos of the 1940 Chev Fire Truck we recently purchased. Actually, we were purchasing a farm and I bought it from the previous owner. I'm guessing it was in use until the '80's and I hope to have it up and running once again. 

        Some info I have gathered ... Model # 1673,  Serial # 516 730 2130, Engine M-4046207, Body Serial # 11215.  The VIN may also be 0153204094.  The truck was manufactured in Canada, but I do not know at what facility.  The paint colour is 530 (commercial red) — the auto body supply store was able to mix it directly from that number. It is a Dupont code. Trim code 359.

        I believe the engine has been updated to something from the '50's and if anyone can identify it from the picture, that would be great. 

        Great luck to have ended up with this truck (my wife would call me blessed) -- nearly given to me and I can't wait to get started.  I plan to do a rebuild initially and then do a full restore later.

        I do not have a screen name for the forums. I should probably do that soon as I will have many questions I am sure.

        I wish I could tell you more about the Fire Truck but I have not had a chance to talk to the local historian yet.

        Thank you very much for taking the time to work on these pages.  

Norm Decou
Flinton, Ontario

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