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Victor Di Paglia's

Victor Sold his suburban and it is now . . . . 

Richard Decker's

1946 Chevy Suburban

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From Victor Di Paglia

    Enclosed please find photos of my 1946 Chevy Suburban.  I purchased the truck in Michigan in April of 99, and drove it, (yes, drove it) to Santa Barbara, California, (after 2 flat tires, blown water pump, replacing 2 brake drums, motor mount, alternator, fan belt, and rims).

    It had been converted to a 318 Mopar engine (forgive me, it's not my fault) and had a Volare front clip, which was done very well and beats the heck out of the whimpy Mustang II suspension.

    These pictures show the work in progress.  My intention is to make the truck look totally stock inside and out, but underneath everything will be a modern truck.  350 crate motor (330hp), power windows (6), (with the original window cranks acting as switches),  power door locks, Vintage
A/C, and much much more.

    Engine will be a beauty, virtually everything but the block is polished aluminum or chrome with Zoops serpentine drives.   Sanderson headers, Mallory Unilite distributer.

    Inside a Lokar "Nostalgia" automatic stick shift will make it look as original equipment (a sleeve will cover the chrome stick to look like the original black) Original handbrake is fitted to Lokar bracket on 350 Turbo Hydromatic transmission.

    Paint will a medium dark, true blue (Sieken's paint), and will be a frame-off restoration.  We will be x-framing and boxing the frame, adding custom billetted shocks from Pro Shock, and andblasting and painting.

    Rear floor bed will be oak, with powder coated slides, and the seat frames will be powder coated as well.  Interior is tweed muted biege and brown. Speedo is being reworked/restored/updated by United Speedometer in Los Angeles.

    With costs of a new Suburban hovering in the 50's (if you want options like tires and a windshield) my wife and I opted for building our own, considering we thought we could do it for less.  At this point that's a reality, and I still believe we will come in at a price that's more like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but who knows.  The point is, when we park it in the lot a the grocery store, we won't have to look out to find 3 or 4 other vehicles that are exactly the same, that and it's so darn cool to look at...
    I'm afraid,  I will have to sell my house and move into it soon if I don't stop!! Somebody help me!!

Victor Di Paglia
Santa Barbara, (Goleta) California.

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