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A Cool Old Truck

Scott Dean's

1950 1/2-ton Chevy

23 August 04

          Here are a couple more pictures of my truck if you wouldn't mind putting them on my gallery page.

          That's me the first day I saw the truck and cleaning out the cobwebs. The last photo is the token "trailer" shot. Notice the much nicer blue in this photo. That side was away from the sun for 38 years where as the other side was baked! I had also purchased some temporay wheels and tires to trailor it home. It already looks better! Perhaps in a few weeks, I'd like to add one more photo in it's current state.

          I have the front end dissassembled and am starting to dig into the engine. My goal is to have it fired up by the end of October. I'm currently working on the truck in my driveway.

Scott Dean
1950 1/2 ton

11 August 04

From Scott:

          I found this 1950 1/2-ton in Miles City, Montana. It had been parked in that very spot since 1966. After an initial trip to see the truck, I knew that I was going to buy it.

          After making all the necessary arrangements and haggling with the owner, I made a second trek to Miles City to bring her home. (The haggling was worthless. The owner wouldn't come down a dime!) As it turns out, it was a one-family truck. The owner even presented me with the original title. The owner was selling the farm and everything on it. As I drove off with the truck on the trailor, I saw the daughter of the old man consolling him as he shed a tear. That alone was worth the money I paid; to see how much this old truck meant to him and the memories he had.

          The truck was worked hard on that farm and has a few dents to prove it. But it is very solid and certainly deserving of a new life. I hope I can do it justice.

Scott Dean
Manhattan, MT


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