L.D. Davis'

1951 GMC 1/2-Ton

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11 April 2005

From L. D. 

      This is my 1951 GMC. It is quite modified as you can tell. The wheelbase is shortened 13 1/2 inches an the body channeled 2" over the subframe.

      This little truck started as a family project for the fun of it and has since gotten way outta hand as many projects do. It was bought rust free in El Paso, Texas and well on its way to being a street rod. The motor is a 350 small block with a 350 turbo auto tranny. The previous owner had done alot of things wrong -- or at least to his ability.

      The sub was removed and properly replaced and now drives like a new car. The motor was rebuilt with extras and painted to match. The shackles on the rear have been cut so not to hang down. It has a Pioneer CD and boom box speakers. The tank is under the bed. Has a 10-bolt posi 411 in the rear and the springs are shrouded. The interior is white diamond pleat along with the headliner and door panels. The stainless center piece for the windshield has been replaced since these pics were taken. The wheels are Chevy rally with Monte Carlo up front and Corvette out back. The exhaust is now 3" stainless with Flowmaster mufflers.

      All in all a fun little truck. Now I am building a '46 Pontiac for the wife (only fair).



L.D., Julie and Lauren Davis
"Classic Performance"
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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