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A Cool Old Truck

Bryan Davis'

1953 Chevy Pickup

11 November 2001

From Bryan:

     Thought I'd send in some pictures of the '53. I found it when I was 15 while by Dad was teaching me how to drive. He helped me do a quick resto on it so I could drive it while in high school. Then while in college, I decided to do a proper job of it. So, I did a ground-up restoration on it. I initially finished it in '92 and have made many more changes since.

     Currently, it has a '60 261 that is balance, 848 head ported and polished, Howard F298 solid cam, Clifford dual valve springs, Offy tripower with Model B Rochesters with the end carbs modified for progressive use and custom progressive linkage, Fenton dual exhaust with 2" pipes and 24" glasspacks, modified 250 HEI distributor, custom A/C setup, 11" clutch, T5 tranny, and '57 car rearend with 3:55 gears.

     The suspension includes a Mustang II frontend with 2" dropped spindles, strutless lower A-arms, 11" Chevy rotors, '74 Nova master cylinder with stock pedal assembly, de-arches rear springs with 2" lowering blocks, and fully boxed frame.

     The body is basically stock, except for the custom woodwork and taillight panel and lowered rear bumper. The interior has stock gages and dash with the stock steering column modified for use with manual rack and pinion steering, Chevette bucket seats and custom center console.

     I guess it will never be done, as I still have a list a mile long of things I want to do to it, but they will have to wait a little while 'til I finish some of my other projects.

Bryan Davis
Madison, WI


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