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A Cool Old Truck

Matthew Davies'

1966 Chevrolet 1/2-ton

  From Matt:,

  Here is my pride and joy . I was with my uncle in his restored '47 Chevy coupe on our way to a car show when we spotted this beauty on the side of the road and needed to take a closer look. On our way back we stopped and I fell in love with it. It had a thrown rod and the body was rough but I had to have it. So I sold a McCormick Deering W-6 tractor to my uncle, did some house work and chore's for him and came up with the $400 it took to buy it. So I brought it home.

  It needed an engine so my uncle took me out to the middle of the bush and found an old 250CID six from a Nova that he used the front clip for a street rod. The motor had been sitting there for 6 years with no valve cover and the carb wide open drinking water. I shook the turbo 250 off it and dragged the motor out with the front end loader. A week later I fired my truck up. I was amazed the motor ran.

  This past winter My uncle and I drove the truck 700 miles from his house to mine. It ran great but I was bored and it needed work. I wasn't old enough for my license so I took it apart. I'm now in the middle of a frame up resto and I have done all the work myself. A previous owner was kind enough to rebuild the front suspension, saving me money as I have a very tight budget being 16.

  I have completed my chassis. I used Tremclad and then wet sanded it with1500 and polished it. It looks great. I'm putting in a 455 and Turbo 400 I have. The motor makes about 500hp and I'm only $575 into it and can't wait to finish it. It will be bright yellow with all the chrome (Who the heck painted this thing that awful color any way?) NO PINK.

  Many guy's don't think it will be any good because I'm 16 and doing every thing by myself (I mean every thing paint and body too) I can't wait to get it finished so I can prove the naysayer's wrong and shock and amaze the rest!


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