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1964 Chevy 2-Ton Flatbed

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17 January 2007
# 1784

From Jamol :

           Man Oh man what a great site! I recently decided to move and I ended up trading my 1962 Ford Galaxie for a 1964 2-ton Chevy flatbed instead of spending $1500 renting a U-haul. After this trip (we will be moving around February), I told my wife I would not drag the family anywhere else. (At least for the next two years. )

           Man, I thought it was wise when I saw ol' 2-ton. Of course, she started right up and now I'm hooked on her. I'm moving back to Portland - Troutdale area. You can't beat the rivers and I figure I can put ol' 2-ton to work moving stuff for the family.

           From what I have seen on this site and all of your links, that pretty much made my mind up for me. And I have learned it probably is an old dump truck conversion. The VIN is C65352720258 -- if anyone has any knowledge about this, I would welcome it greatly.

           The closest thing I can find out is she might be a 1960's factory four on the floor with overdrive because the button rides right along the shift knob. Hmm? I have been thinking about total restoration but now I'm thinking leave it original.

           I still have a bit to do to the truck. I think I will start with the electrical and end with an oil change. I was thinking I will have to do the brakes also and maybe change the thermo. It starts right up. Does anyone think I should put another temp sensor in to be safe? It will be pretty cold though in February.

           The guys in the forums have been a great help. Good tips. I'll try to take some pics along the way of how the truck runs and maybe some scenic sites.

           Your site is so cool. What a fun place to hang out. And you can"t beat the resources and technical tips. Thank you for all your help.

           I have more photos on My Picture Trail.

Jamol Darr
Bolter # 13270
Visalia (35 minutes south of Fresno)

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