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1935 Chevrolet Suburban Carry All

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26 March 2007
# 1890

From Sam :

           Here are a few of pictures of my 1935 Chevrolet Suburban Carry-All. Do not see any like this in the Gallery. I saw a 1936 which is very sweet. I would very much enjoy seeing my truck on your "showroom." I think Bonnie + Clyde might get a kick out of it also.

           Here is the truck's story. I inherited it from a backyard neighbor who is now deceased. I would give 1000 of these trucks to have him back (hanging out. drinking brews). We got together every weekend for 15 years -- every weekend -- and played mechanic. I painted the truck in his driveway and did a lot of the interior work on truck.

           The truck has a 235 inline six with a 3 speed tranny and has the torque of a farm tractor. The roof has a 4 x 8 sheet of mirrored tinted lexan so when you look up, all you see is sky.

           I have owned the truck for 12 years. Me and my wife and four kids would pile in it and go anywhere and everywhere without a single problem except finding gas stations that have lead substitute.

           Now, it's for sale at a very cheap price for its rarity and condition. I would consider trading it for a mint condition Apache 4 x 4.

           Now it's time to go boating. Thanks a lot for such a sweet web site!

Sam Cubiotti
Bolter # 14218
Rochester, New York

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