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A Cool Old Truck

Ed Crowell's

1941 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton Wrecker

12 October 04

From Ed:

          Ed Crowell here checking back in with a new truck that was too good to pass up. This is my 1941. Aside from some fairly new paint and lettering, the truck is all original with 65,000 miles on it.

          It runs so well, I sometimes think I've gone back in time. As far as I know, this truck has spent the majority of its life in a garage. I have some history that came along with the vehicle and I'm in theprocess of verifying it. The most impressive feature is the hand-made wrecker that was used for many years and is still in perfect working order!

          I am still in the process of restoring my 1939 flatbed but between sculpting and driving the '41 ... well, I'm sure you all understand!

          I'll send more pictures and updates in the future. I have included a link to my sculpture page.

          Without your web page, I might not be on the road as much as I am able to be because of it. You keep a lot of people rolling strong. Thanks and keep trucking,

Thanks again,
E. A. Crowell

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