George Crooks'

1956 3100 Chevy Stepside

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15 July 2004

From George:

          Good day Editor. The Stovebolt site is great. Very helpful. Please consider my '56 3100 Stepside as a Gallery submission.

          The truck is American and was originally from Montana and the title says it's a '56. Us Canadians have to go to the US to get the good stuff.

          I am not sure if it had been running since 1979 (last Montana sticker that's on the plate) but it runs perfectly now. It just made a 350 mile round trip to the Atlantic Natinonals Car Show. I have put about 800 miles on the truck since I got it running. It is kinda a bummer to paint it as it has been getting so much attention as it is with the rough / faded look!

          The truck is solid! I have always liked these since I was a teenager. It has a 235 and bull low 4spd, deluxe heater and electric wipers. It is showing 72,000 miles. It's kinda cool because you can see on the inside of the cab roof were they used the roof as a log book -- counting bales of hay, grasshoppers, wolves, and the dates and mileage when the oil was changed.

Thank you,

George Crooks
"56 newbie"
Bolter # 4313

Sackvillle, Nova Scotia

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