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1950 5-Window Chevrolet 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Phil Creek
"Philzamatic3100" -- Bolter # 17690
Independence, Kansas City

25 March 2008
# 2281

From Phil :

           My love for old Chevy trucks started when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My Grandfather had started building a golf course in a small town in Southwest Arkansas. He had an old 1950 5-window that he used to haul sod, water pipe, and other assorted stuff around while building the course. Some of my earliest and best memories of the summers at the golf course where of me sitting bare foot on the tail gate of that 1/2-ton Chevy on a hot summers day, drinking ice cold lemonade or an RC Cola and listening to the local old country music station and "helping" Pa-Pal work on the course.

           My Grandfather finally sold the truck in about 1982 and bought a much newer Chevy Big 10. I've always loved the Advanced Design 5 window. I've owned a couple old Chevy trucks -- a 1974 and a 1963 short flair side. I've never been able to be in the right place at the right time with enough cash to get an Advanced Design 5 window. That is, until I found my "Nifty 50" belonging to a fellow who was about to part it out, after having it for 12 years in storage.

           My wife made me sell my '83 Chevy 3/4-ton if I wanted to buy the 3100. I gladly did. I then "rescued" the truck and finished the hot rod project that the previous owner had started.

           The truck is 2-tone you'll notice -- maroon and gun-metal gray. The paint had about three cups of glitter added to the mix for the paint job. The body is sitting on a 1976 Camaro frame (which required a custom bed, cut down from a '73 El Camino and custom fenders widened 4 inches to hold 60 inch tires). The bucket seats and power / tilt steering come from a '78 Pontiac Firebird. The drive train consists of a 350 bored 40 over with a "roller" cam and an Edlebrock Extreme Performance series intake manifold and matching 4-barrel carb. Electric start was added.

           The cooling of the engine is helped by a " Vortex" electric fan mounted to the radiator. It keeps the water temp at about 1800 or so. The bored out 350 is bolted up to a 400 tranny with a performance B&M shift kit, which, in turn, is connected to a micro-balanced drive shaft. Dual exhaust out the back help complete the "Rodding up" of this 1950 5 Window 3100.

           I find that every time I feel I'm getting close to where I think I can let it be, I have something else I want to do to the truck. Here's a larger view of the truck (notice the train in the background ~ Editor).

           I recently found an original Fulton sun visor on a 1947 Chevy Fleet Master at a " Pick your Part" salvage yard and bought it for a song. I refurbed it, painted it to match and just last week installed it on the truck.

           Currently, I have new door rubber to install. I've also recently finished painting the running boards and will be bolting them on shortly. I have new chrome to go around the head lights and am in the process of getting new door glass for the passenger side.

           One thing I do want to do is replace the rear bumper. The previous owner had decided when he started the Hot Rod project that a cut down 1973 El Camino rear bumper would be a good idea for the truck. After I bought the truck, I studied it and decided .... not so much, but it will keep till I find a suitable replacement.

           If anyone out there needs proof that the universe operates in a circular motion, I offer this. After I came home with the Fulton visor, I started stripping it down. My wife came home to find me sanding on the visor while sitting barefoot on the tail gate of the truck, listening to Johnny Cash and drinking an RC Cola.


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