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1951 Chevy 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland




Owned by Andy Crapps
Bolter # 25172
Waco, TX

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

04 October 2010
# 2827

More pictures of my old truck in Photobucket

From Andy :

This is the story of my truck named Alice, after my Grandma, who just wasn't here long enough.

I should start by saying that I am a recently married, self-employed painter. I own a 1999 Toyota Avalon that I work out of. I can fit a 6 foot step ladder or a 22 foot telescoping ladder in the front seat. To say I have been needing a truck is a severe understatement!!

My wife has a 1965 Mustang that her Dad got for her in high school that the two of them worked on together (ain't I lucky!?). It sat in their driveway for 10+ years until this past Thanksgiving when we decided to fix it up and use it as the getaway car at out wedding. Luckily, our local Maaco is one of the best in the nation, and they did an amazing restoration on it.

Well, needless to say, after driving that baby around town and snapping necks at intersections, I decided to get an old truck and dress it up and use it as a daily driver / rolling advertisement. My Paw Paw drove a gold 1970 C10, named Goldilocks. I grew up with that old truck. It was actually the first vehicle I learned to drive. My Grandpa loved old Chevys, and those two men were a big influence in my life. I appreciate the hard working generation that drove those trucks, and think it is a great representation of the hard work that I do.

I recently did a job for older gentleman who took an interest in my business and happened to have a truck that was just what I was looking for. He's been working on it for a few years along with several others, and claimed to "have too many irons in the fire" and wanted to get this one to someone who would appreciate it, continue fixing it up, and get plenty of good use out of it.

At first sight I counted five different colors, but she was stripped out and ready for a paint job. He has completely overhauled the original 216 engine, brakes, rear-end, and transmission, and converted it over to 12-volt.

My goal is to do what ever it takes to get it looking good and driving. I can't afford a frame off restoration right now, but my wife and I are on the Dave Ramsey plan, and once we become debt free, I can do anything I want which includes a chrome grille and a thorough restoration! But for now I am limited.

I am trying to keep it as original as I can, but there is going to be several things that are original reproductions. So far in my possession I have stacked up in our spare room: a new gas tank I won on eBay, all new green tinted glass from Bob's Classic Auto Glass in Oregon (it was a buy it now on eBay for $295 + $60 shipping!), new gauges, mirrors, outside handles, polished stainless bedstrips, recovered and stuffed original seats, used glove box door and window cranks and handles from eBay, and several other odds and ends.

When we bead blasted her, there was only a few trouble spots: the cab corner on only one side (imagine that), the driver's side floorboard, and the front where the window goes on both sides at the bottom. There were some dents and dings and I switched out the louvered hood for a unaltered one.

I am still contemplating which color to paint her. I saw a Seacrest Green on this site that I really liked or maybe I'll go with a good ol' blue like a Royal Blue. I have a magnetic sign for the door that my Brother helped me design that is red and white with a painter in blue overalls that would look great with the blue. I still have a few weeks yet to decide as the body work is being completed.

I'm looking forward to updating my information and sharing my excitement!!




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