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Cool Old Truck

Steven Courter's

1954 Chevy Pickup

13 March 01

From Steven:

     I bought this truck from a friend in 1999. It is a California truck and is pretty solid and straight. A previous owner had disassembled it and started on a restoration with some slight modifications to the drive train. I had to decide whether to continue his efforts or start over and build it the way I wanted it.

     Well, as you can see by the pictures, I decided to do it my way. It now sits on a complete Mustang II IFS kit, from Kenny's, in Ohio with a GM 10 bolt one legger with disc brakes out back. It has a rebuilt Chevy 350/350 combo with aluminum intake, Holley carb, ceramic coated headers, Flowmaster mufflers.

     I have installed a tilt steering column and power brake booster. I have a Painless wiring kit waiting to go in after it gets painted. Which is where I am at now. I have been working on the cab, doors, and box doing final sanding and hope to be painting sometime this summer.

     I have done all work myself in my home shop and will also do the paint and assembly work.

Love those old Chevy trucks.
Steven Courter
Alto, Mi.

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