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A Cool Old Truck

Gary Cornaglia's

1968 Chevy C-30 1-Ton

17 November 2004

          Two updated shots.

          Runs like a locomotive.  A great driver.  Can't break it





The Cornaglia Files

23 July 2004 From Gary:

          Greetings. With a clean 292 engine and black plates, I couldn't resist adding this 1-ton to the stable. It hadn't run in 5 or 10 years, but was not much of a challenge making it go again. Formerly a tow truck, but driven to work today as a primered cab-chassis. It had an HEI set-up installed yesterday.

          People say how good my Stovebolts look, but I tell them, "drive it for a real thrill." There's nothing as sweet as rumbling down the road in one of these machines. These are before pic, which show it had been ridden hard and put away wet. The "Arnold's" sign on the passenger door was the last remnant of this truck's former life.

          Please post and keep-on trucking with this GREAT site.

          Thank you.

          Gary Cornaglia
          Honored to Serve Heroes!


The Cornaglia Files

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