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A Cool Old Truck

Gary Cornaglia's

1965 C-20 Tow Truck

15 March 2003 -- UPDATE

From Gary:

          Here are additional pics and some text to add on my truck's page, please. Thanks again for a really great site.

The Lambert pic shows the truck's birthplace (East LA) and it's birthdate (2/25/65).  The business is no longer in operation. 
The Chevy plate indicates a GVW of 7500 lbs and a wheelbase of 127 inches. 

Someone named Attrell had a truck towed from Van Nuys to LA for $9.00 on 2/25/67. This business also seems to have ceased operations.

          A tow slip from Cliff's of Van Nuys was found under the gas tank along with a Nestles Crunch wrapper (10 cents). 


          Gary Cornaglia
          Honored to Serve Heroes!

Stovebolt, I am very grateful for the opportunities that Uncle Sam provides to me each day - and especially those who protect our freedom. Thank you


UPDATE 21 September 2002

          I'm sending a couple more pics of my truck to add on your excellent site. This old ride started life at Lambert Truck bodies on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. The body had more dents and dings than you could count, but it was solid. The tired engine leaked and smoked, but the chassis was built solid as a tank. The outdated tow rig is now gone. I have no intention to add another bed; in this reincarnation, it won't have to work as hard anymore. I swear, there's nothing as great as driving an old truck!

          The body's now covered with four coats of poly - the same color white as my 1992 Chevy C1500, by Baja Collision here in San Diego. The split rim duallys are gone in favor of tall 36" tires on 16.5's - two tires are cheaper than four, and with the 15" tires and the 5.33 rear, the truck would only do 45 mph tops. I can now top 65 mph, but like to take it easy. The rebuilt motor (by Performance Engines in Long Beach) is a high-torque 292, with a Petronix electronic ignition (a great investment). It can easily chirp shifting into second gear.

          Thanks for the excellent old truck site.

          Gary Cornaglia





19 March 2002

From Gary:

When it was purchased. Very well worn. Close to what it looks like now.


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