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A Cool Old Truck

Byron Corkum's

1951 Chevy 6400

19 March 2002

From Byron:

     Hi there my name is Byron and I am a GM truck nut. I currently have three old GM trucks that I am redoing and one in particular that I have a question about.

     It is a 51 dual rear wheel Chevy truck that says 6400 on the hood sides. The serial number is JEA423734 and your vin decoder seems to only go to 3800 series.

     What if anything can you tell me about my 51?

     By the way the other two rigs are 1964 burb 2wd and 1966 burb 4x4.



UPDATE 21 September 2002
Hi there ,Byron Corkum here. You guys currently have my 1951 chev 6400 as it was in your gallery. I thought you might want to show what it looks like now!!


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