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  Owned by
Dave Corbin
Bolter # 28341

11 November 2012
# 2985



1966 Chevy C10 Longbed

"Dave's '66 Custom"


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From Dave :

With the passing of my Grandfather, I was given a truck that I fell in love with over 25 years ago. One of my earliest memories as a youngster of about five is me running around the truck, hopping in it and pretending to drive around. That truck was "going to be mine" someday.

The truck was originally my Great Grandfather's. He bought it new in 1966 but the color was a tannish gold -- as best I can tell from looking at the layers of paint and why the interior doesn't match the exterior color.

My Grandpa got it after his Dad passed away. Grandpa painted it red because the we are huge Oklahoma Sooner fans -- at least that is the family story that goes with the truck!

My Uncle never was interested in the truck but neither did he want to give it up. I was suppose to get it when when I was 16, then when I finished college; then when I had settled someplace. But my Great Uncle and Aunt made sure Grandpa left the truck to me in is will.

Sadly, my Grandpa died May 2011 and now the truck is mine. It has seen better days but I know this old truck is in better condition than most start with. I am fortunate, that my Grandpa took good care of the truck all those years. He used the truck almost every day. He lived in this community all his life. When he retired, he still was working. He would drive around the area and would take care of community flower beds. He loved gardening. The truck started acting up a bit and he stopped using it. He let it sit for longer and longer periods. Then he finally got a newer truck. So for two years, it just sat in front of his house.

The only thing Papa did to the truck was re-upholster the seats (since the sun, with no tinted windshield, did a number on them), and put a new gas tank in.

On July 4th this year, we got the truck started and I drove it for the first time that day, something I have waited to do for over 16 years. We drove it from Grandpa's home, across town to my Mom's place. I couldn't believe that the only thing I had to do was air the tires, put a new battery in, and prime the crap out of the carb to get it started.

I am looking to keep the truck completely original, except change the original color to two-tone -- Chevy red with a white top and red on the inside. I will keep the original radio and motor. I don't mind not having air conditioning!

This truck is an old L6 and I think it is a 235 someone once told me, but the only engine sizes I know of that are that year L6's are 230 and 250. Will figure it out once I see the motor stamp.

Recently, I took a couple of guards off on the engine bay and was able to take the grille off without damaging anything. It looks like my Grandpa may have hit something at some point because the driver's side of the grille is a little banged up. You really have to look at it to tell.

The biggest project so far was in early October when I started taking the diamond plate that Great Grandpa had put on in the bed. I was using an angle grinder to brake the welds. There was a very pleasant surprise when I investigated the under part of the bed -- the original boards were still in the truck with all the original spacers!!!

If I am successful at doing minimal damage to the main part of the bed, I may be looking at a much cheaper re-model on parts for the bed, found that they are quite pricey especially the wood.

The old truck is solid but it will need a lot of cosmetic work. I know it is a long journey, but, by the time the old truck hits 50, I want to have it back to its original glory, when my Great Grandpa bought it new all those years ago.

I am currently an Ensign in the Navy, stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. Between family and work, I try to work on it as time and funds permit. I hope to have it done as soon as I can ... within the next five years ... maybe? . I'll keep my progress reported in my thread in the 60-66 Forum.

I can't wait to really start digging into it. I will be coming to the Stovebolt site a lot for the guidance and advice from all of you here. Thank you in advance for your help and thanks for appreciating what I am doing.




A fun story. So cool to have kept this truck in the family. It will be fun to keep up with your progress.

And may we add, it's a honor to have a Veteran for our Gallery addition on Veterans Day. Thank you for your service to our country. ~ Editor


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