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Cool Old Truck

Craig Cooley's


Chevrolet Shortbed Fleetside

12 March  03  

From Craig 

Hello Curator,

Here is a 1966 short fleetside Chevy.  Last summer we drove down from Canada to Nevada.  That is where my oldest son lives.  He told me about this truck that had been sitting for at least 3 years that he knew of.  We went and looked, but I really was not interested at the time.

The story was the husband went to prison.  Didn't ask what for.  He's still there.  The wife wanted $2000.00 and I walked.  We came back home and she contacted me through my son. Within 1 week of negotiating I bought the truck.  Drove down and picked it up in November.  It was an Arizona pickup and except for the front fenders (off another truck ) it is rust free.  Old registration in the glove box verified that it was from Arizona.  It has a strong 4bolt 350 and a B&M 350 turbo w/variable stall converter.  Lots of other goodies too.  I put a battery in and it runs great.

My daughter just turned 16.  When I get it finished it will be hers to enjoy.  She's not too keen on that yet.  Going to paint it peril white with a flame job.  Chrome grille and bumpers, with no trim on the sides.

This is a wonderful web site. Iron Chief is about 80 miles from where I live. I did not know they existed before finding this web site. Going to visit them soon.


Craig Cooley


Curator "Craig - Looks like you have a couple of nice projects going - AND what about that Canadian Beer?!?!"

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