Todd Collins'

1953 Chevrolet 3800 Canopy Express

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25 December 2001

Hello Peggy & John,

             I wanted to send this last month but I misplaced the photo before I could scan it. I thought you might like a photo of "My Two Ol' Girls" caught in an unexpected Atlanta pre-Christmas snowfall from last year.

             My canine is named Cheyenne and she is a BIG ham.

             Be well and "Happy Holidays" to you and yours!

Todd Collins




             Todd's "gals" were our Stovebolt Christmas Card (index page) for 2001 and 2002 -- editor


05 July 2001

Hello Peggy & John:

             I finally connected my scanner after almost a year (thanks to the new PC) so I wanted to send you a couple more photos of the Canopy Express. I have not heard from anyone who had or has one or from anyone with photos of them when they were still relatively new and on the job. If you should hear of anybody...

             Thanks again for all of your hard work and for providing such an invaluable web site!



             We've put Todd's pictures directly on the server ... some really nice detail on these shots ... thought you'd enjoy them up close and personal (meaning really BIG) -- so it's a bit of a download. Henrietta1 - Henrietta2 - Henrietta3 -- Editor

From Todd:

             What a terrific web site! My name is Todd and I just purchased my 1953 Canopy Express 3800 in August. I was thrilled to find The Stovebolt Page and its wonderful Gallery. I am interested in finding out more about my truck and the Canopy Express in general (especially old photos of them at work!).

             I found my '53 in Georgia north of Atlanta. The previous owner purchased it in '86. The odometer shows 99,700 miles and everything's stock. Other than that I don't have much other info to go on.

             I would like to hear from other Canopy Express owners past or present.

T. W. Collins

            We've got a great Tech Tip on the Canopy Express that might be helpful to everyone ~~ Editor

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