Ken Cluley's

1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton 3100 Deluxe

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10 October 2005

From Ken:

It is finished!

      I have some updated pics of my '50 3100.  I finally finished the truck just before Labor Day. The painting process was a little slower than I anticipated and, of course, I had to put the entire truck back together once I got the pieces back from the painter.

      The front end, including the front fenders, grille and especially the hood adjustment, were a challenge. Especially when you are trying to put it back together without dinging it up.

      I installed a yellow pine bed from Mar-K out of OK City and finished it with 6 coats of Minwax Spar Varnish. All the "black" parts (running boards, inner fenders, upper radiator baffle, radiator support, etc.) were all powder-coated at a local shop. All the chrome work was done at Centex Plating in Austin, TX. The tires are DiamonBack steel beleted radials with a 2 3/4 WW.

      I had the bench seat re-uphostered locally in a black and grey tweed (Texas is just too hot for the original type seats!). I converted it to 12-volts but still have an original radio and recirculating heater running off 6-volts with voltage reducers.

      I took it to a car show on Labor Day and although they weren't giving trophies, I think I would have won at least best paint job. I must have had 30 people come up to me and say that either thier Dad or Granddad had a truck just like this one. Some said that they learned to drive in a truck just like this one, and so on.

      It was a great day! It's so much fun getting it out into the neighbor hood and watching people give the "thumbs up" when we drive by.


Thanks so much.

Ken Cluley
Stovebolter #6900
Wichita Falls, Texas

Friday, May 13 ! 2005

From Ken: 

      Hello All! These are pictures of a 1950 Chevy Ĺ-ton I bought in August 2003 from the son of the original owner from Dallas, TX. I've been working on it from time to time for the last couple of years. I pretty much tore it completely apart and cleaned and refinished the frame and am having the sheet metal all painted by a pro.

      It had a 1953 235 in it when I bought it and it ran pretty well but smoked and leaked oil. I decided to replace it with a rebuilt í54 full pressure 235.

      The 235 was rebuilt by a fellow by the name of Marvin Mack that owns Yesterdayís Chevy Truck Parts in Elm Mott, TX. If youíre ever in the vicinity you have to make a stop by his shop Ė it's like going back in time!

      I also changed to a 3.55 rear end to get a little more speed on the highway. I havenít really had the chance to get it on the highway since the frame and cab have been in the paint shop since reinstalling the engine.

      Iíve also been able to acquire an original radio. Itís been rebuilt and ready to install when I get the truck back. I also found a deluxe heater that Iíve restored and installed in the truck. I was lucky enough to find a NOS 1950 hood ornament to dress it up a little.


      I just completed finishing and installing the boxwood with yellow pine.

      Hope to have the entire truck back together by August '05. Planning on taking it to the Summerís Last Blast car show in Vernon, TX.

Ken Cluley
Stovebolter #6900
Wichita Falls, TX

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