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Cool Old Truck

Ray Clukey's

1940 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

From Ray,

    Here she be! My 1940 1/2-ton Chevy. I found it on the Internet about 175 miles from my house in upstate New York. When I say upstate, I do mean upstate. I live about 21 miles from the Canadian border in a little town called Peru.

    My truck was about 30 miles south of Albany, New York, sitting behind a garage just a-rusting away. The gentleman I bought it from didn't want to sell it but he was feeling bad about it just sitting there doing nothing and he already has a '39 in his garage. He owned the 1940 for the last 32 years. It was given to him by his father when he was 16. Before that, it belonged to a volunteer fire department in his home town.

    The fire department modified the truck bed for use in fighting grass fires. The bed was all there but it was cobbled up so much I can't save it. They replaced the wooden floor with a steel plate that they welded to the side rails and the frame.

    The bed is off now and I have cleaned all the welds off the frame. It's a complete frame off restoration. I want to bring it all back to original. It runs great, no smoke and no knocks, so far anyway. I have the rear frame and rear brakes all done. Everything has been rebuilt and painted. Thank God for POR 15.

    The truck was 95% complete, the only thing missing were the seat and front grill. Still shopping for those. I call her "the Chevy", my wife calls her "the Clyde Mobile." She says all she can think of is Bonnie & Clyde when she sees it. I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Stovebolt Page.

    Everyone I have talked with on the bulletin board has been great. This is my first venture into restoring an old truck and it's something I have always wanted to do, and since I am a die-hard American fan, it had to be a Chevy. I have learned more about this truck from your internet site then I could have imagined. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ray Clukey

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