André Cloutier's

1931 Chevy Stake Beer Truck

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05 February 2007
# 1801

From Andre :

           Hi. I restored this nice 1931 Chevrolet Stake Beer truck. It is a 6 wheel with a 157 inch wheel base. It is a Canadian-made truck that was built in Wakerville, Ontario. It took me three years to built this fine truck with a thousand hours.

           Boswell (the image on the door) was the first brewery in Quebec City in 1668. Here is a photo of the interior when I first got the truck and another looking at the backside. Here is a photo with the restoration done showing a cover over the bed rails.

           If you would like to see the complete story, it is featured in Vintage Truck Magazine in the February 2006 issue (vol 13. No 6).

           Since completing the restoration, I have not done very much on the truck except going to the St. Pat's parade in Montreal and doing a few movies.

           I found out about The Stovebolt Page in a magazine and it listed your Internet site. It is very interesting.


André Cloutier
Province of Quebec

           Pat Ertel, Editor of Vintage Truck, has André's truck listed as the feature story this month! Check the web site, to see the entire story ... and thanks Pat for including this feature so we can read all the details. André has LOTS of great pictures. ~~ Editor

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