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1941 GMC 2-Ton

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13 October 2005

From Terry:

        G'day. I'd like to tell you my story. I have just been given (yep, given) a 1941 (I think - the ID plate says 15000 lbs) GMC Stovebolt truck. She's totally complete and original -- just a couple of flat tyres and rotten wood.

        This truck was driven into a shed and parked up for the last 30 years. So it's in pretty good order. Anyway the shed started to collapse and the truck was moved outside. So for two months it sat outside until she was offered to me for nothing. The PO knew I had the 1938 International truck, so he knew I would endeavor to do the GMC properly. How could I say "no?"

        I went over to the farm, pumped the tyres up and transported the old girl to her new home. She's now safe and under cover ready for me to slowly dismantle her and bring her back to life.

        I must admit I don't know much about this type of truck so any info anyone can give me will certainly be received with much thanks.

        Ok -- she's got a hinged split windscreen and full side windows. The air vents are behind the front guards. There's a GMC badge on the front and there are large General Motors' truck badges on the side lift up bonnets. She's got five stud rims with dual on the rear. There's a Holden badge on the left hand firewall painted in "army green." It's a right-hand drive so I think it may have been assembled out here in Australia.

        There's a little lever on the gear stick and a knob to open the windscreen.

        Can anyone tell me more about this 1941 GMC? I really appreciate your help and input with this.

        I think your site is fantastic.

Thanks from downunder.

Terry Clarke
Stovebolter # 8987
Waterloo, Australia

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