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1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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17 May 2005

From Sturmmer: 

      Greetings! I'm a relative newbie here on The Stovebolt Page, so I thought I should jump right on in and get into the swing of this place and let you know a bit about myself and my new ride.

      I have always been in love with the style of the Advance Design series so I finally took the plunge and found the one that cried out to me! It's in pretty good shape already. The body is in really great shape with no dents -- nice and straight and primered. Doors are solid. Only needs some minor body work. Interior is OK.

      My goal is not to make this a showpiece but a daily driver. It won't take too much to make it "livable." It has already been primered but as I mentioned, it still needs a little more TLC. I'll be getting it home this next week. Really looking forward to that!

      One of the other reasons for this purchase is for that father-son time working on the truck. Can't wait for that! (Neither can he!) I have been blessed with a very understanding (and beautiful) wife and 5 great boys. Three of which are teenagers.

      I already have a rebuilt 236 just waitin' to be started up! Well ... ahhh ... first we gotta get the engine out of the back of my (please forgive me) Ford Ranger. This is a small project in itself!

      Anyway, here's a picture of it setting in the forest where we got it from. Had to replace the master cylinder and brake lines before moving it anywhere ... always good to be able to stop! After that, we focused on getting it started and sure enough, after sitting for about two years, we did get it started up and drove it about half way out of this guy's driveway, which was uphill, mud and big ruts. It rode just like a truck!

      I'll let you know our further adventures and they continue.

      Thanks already for all of your support out their. I've already found a few of those missing parts from you guys!

Blessings to all of you,


Michael Charland
Redding, California

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