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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.

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The Advance Design Trucks


10 February 2013
# 3006


  Owned by
Chris Chandler
Bolter # 34884

1951 GMC 450 3-Ton Tanker

"The Big Boy"


More pictures of my old truck

Join the discussion about this truck in the Big Bolts Forum


We normally do a Gallery story about a truck in possession but we thought we'd show you a little of how some of the Stovebolt team works towards a happy ending. ~ Editor

"You're going to have lots of fun and a few headaches, in the end worth every one!"

From Chris :

I just bought a 1951 GMC 450 3-ton Tanker Truck from a friend who lives about 90 miles from me. I have had some issues getting a trailer to tow it home. There are so many places that will sell you a trailer for that size truck but not many will rent one! I'm hoping my neighbor will let me use his company's trailer for this one-time trip. The company usually hauls backhoes and other heavy equipment so I am sure it can handle this Big Boy.

The previous owner doesn't know a lot about the truck other than he bought it from the Sheriff's Department. The PO used it for wetting down horse arenas. He wants to keep the tank ... I want to turn the truck into a flatbed farm truck. So, this is a good deal for both of us.

Any help will be appreciated on identifying this truck and getting it home would be appreciated!.


Several of the guys in the Big Bolts forum were able to help him out.

From GMCPic, Spanky, 3B and crenwelge

I looked at the picture of your truck, and in my most humble opinion it IS a 450 series which makes it a 3 ton. The wheels on it are Motor Wheel six lug, hub pilot with compression lugs and depending on tire size (8.25X20 or 9.00X20) either 7 or 7.5 X 20, 2 piece rims, with outside locking ring (not widow makers).

The engine (if gas) is a 270 with dome pistons and hemi-head. And it should have either a Holly 660A1, 2 barrel or a Stromberg WW 2 barrel.

It could have Hydro-Vac brakes, Air Pack brakes (air over hydraulic) or straight Air Brakes.

GMCPic had been eye balling a 1952 GMC tanker and a 1951 GMC 400 series tow truck. "I already own two 1952 454-30 GMC's (302CID)."

GMC rated gross vehicle weight on that truck is 19,500 lbs. Look for the ID plate in the driver door jamb, and the "GMC Parts Identification" plate on the back of the glove box lid. It will be on both these plates.

Your truck should have a 161" wheel base (center of front axle to center of rear axle) and a chassis / cab / drive-train unladen weight of about 8,000 lbs. Then add the weight for any bed or other equipment.

A heavy duty backhoe trailer with surge brakes should do the trick to bring it home. You will need at least a one ton truck to pull it.

GMCPic said he made "the mistake of using a 3/4-ton pickup and could only drive between 25 to 30 MPH. Anything over that and it would start to fish-tail all over the road. And 5 MPH down-hill. I was luckier with my first 1952 GMC 454. I drove it home. Got a one day moving permit to move it home from my local DMV. Be patient and drive slow. Enjoy your new toy and what you have to look forward to."

The GMC 450 series are larger than a 2 ton truck. The cab is the same as a pickup but the front clip is larger than a pickup. It is also larger than a 2 ton which is a 300 series. It will make a good flat bed. This "truck" actually left the factory as a cab and chassis. The tank that is on it now would have been mounted by a tank manufacturer.

Most of the consensus from the forum was: MORE PICTURES PLEASE!

When asked about his screen name, Chris said heard that term in science class when I was a Kid and just liked it.


Chris probably won't be able to haul the 3-ton home until February 15th or thereafter. Keep track of the big event in his Big Bolts thread! And when the Big Boy gets home, he promises more pictures in his Photobucket album. THEN you guys can start filling his head with all kinds of great and wonderful ... ahh ... congratulations and hopefully encouragement! ~ Editor


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