Geoff Chadwick's

1949 Chevy 4400

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17 May 2005

From Geoff: 

      I finally got a pix of my '49 4400. I swapped an old bandsaw and snowblower for it.

      The previous owner used it to haul his two Percherons and tow his sawmill for horse logging here in Idaho and Montana.

      As you can see it's a working "work in progress." The truck had already been converted to 12-volt and a 292 replaced the 216. I've made it into a service truck for my two old gas cats. I left the two-speed rear in high range and installed a four-speed overdrive Brownie. Now she'll do about 65 in fourth 4th over and 50 in direct. In 1st and 1st -- about 2 mph.

      I've got another set of gauges and speedo rebuilt to put in just as soon as I get the inside of the cab painted. The bar on top of the cab was an old mirror mount when it was used as a mobile home toter years ago. Unfortunately it won't fit in the garage here in town so have to work on it outside -- weather permitting.

      The 10' flatbed is factory original and the deck is still solid after all these years.

Geoff Chadwick
Bolter # 2487
Priest River, Idaho

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