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1948 GMC 1.5-Ton with Holmes Wrecker

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26 October 2005

From Chris:

        Hello. Great website! Here are some pictures of a 1948 GMC 14,000 GVW (300) with a Holmes Wrecker that I will restore in my free time. This truck has a Holmes Twin Line Wrecker with a universal tow sling which was state of the art in its day.

        I took the cab off (with a little help from my Bobcat) to start with, and hope to have the all the sheetmetal and wrecker in paint by spring (depending on spare time available). Having the right equipment (the Bobcat) makes things easy.

        I would like to replace the 6-cylinder and transmission with a V8 or diesel engine, and change the brake system and steering assembly. The goal is make this truck usable and use it as a advertisement for my body shop. I was looking for a old wrecker when I saw a ad in a local paper. I went to check it out. I tossed the idea of buying it around for a couple of days. I then made a offer to buy of $1,500 and he accepted.

        I also want to track down the history of this truck.

        If any one has any positive comments or suggestions let me know.


Chris Chadwick
Bolter #9192
Shrub Oak, NY (North of NYC)

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