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1947 2nd Series Chevy 3/4-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



  Owned by Mick Casey
Fox Lake, Wisconsin

02 August 2011 Update
# 2146

From Mick :

We re-did the interior, which took a long time. We put a new headliner in and insullated it.

We were finding parts. When I first got the old truck, it came with lots of spares. I had extra glass for the windows (it's a five window).

We re-wired the truck from 6 v to 12 volt. I didn't use the regular cloth wiring. I just put regular heavy gauge wire, color coded for GM. It only had one tail light in the back. I put a second and directional lights (which it never had).

Speaking of electrical, I do have something wrong with the horn. Every time I turn a corner, my horn beeps. Apparently there is some wires connecting in there. Will have to fix that.

So, we are still working on getting her road worthy. Once we get to that point, we'll get tags and all.

We went to Fox Lake (Wisconsin) Fire Department car show. It was their 10th year with 500 cars and motorcycles. The '47 won 1st place in the In Process Restoration class (no more than 80% complete).

I had been thinking of my four year old Grandson's little pedal car. It use to be a little red fire truck but I had it sandblasted and painted to match the '47. He wanted to get in it at the car show but I told him he had to wait until after the show.

I am a volunteer fire fighter (Captain and Training Officer) with Fox Lake. Will be 30 years in this year! We don't have the Pearce fire truck any more. We have a 1980 GMC cab over pumper fire engine. Will have to send a picture of that when I get a chance. I'm still making signs, too!


29 August 2008 Update
# 2146

From Mick :

       Here's an update for my Gallery page. Our 1947 Chevy 3/4-ton took first place [ pix ] in the "Restoration in Progress" class at the Fox Lake Firefighters 7th Annual Classic Car Show. There were 400 cars, trucks and bikes entered. Here is a pic of my Grandson Andre, as I was getting ready for the car show.

       Here is what I started with one year go. It's amazing what you can do in an old farm shed with one light bulb and two outlets. Oh, and one can of John Deere yellow paint that's been sitting on the shelf!

       Here is a picture of our '47 Chevy next to our Pierce Pumper Fire Truck. I drive a  2000 GMC extended cab 4 x 4, but I really enjoy driving these two RIGS.

       All I had for parts on the box was a tailgate and the three sides. The front was so badly banged up, I had to make a new one with the Chevy bow-tie to go with it. I made all the cross members under the bed from scratch and the stainless strips that holds the floor down. It's nice to work for a stainless steel company and get to purchase some leftover drop steel. Oh did I mention a nice laser to work with!

       I made a deal with a Stovebolt member, drumund51. Chris needed cross members and I needed a front bumper and brackets that he had for sale. So we traded. UPS verses Fed-X from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. Guess who won?

       I traded my four wheeler ramps for four new 16" rim at the Swap Meets in Iola, Wisconsin. In Jefferson, Wisconsin, I found alot of parts and help.

       I owe alot of people thanks for helping me out -- from co-workers staying after work forming, welding, some parts and my buddies, and most of all my family, for putting up with me and helping out. This passion of mine did end up growing on my wife. She smiles now! And thank you all at Stovebolt.

       By looking at this picture, I think you know what my next project is -- my Brothers 1941 Chevy dump truck. It runs and works and is in great shape. Once I showed him the Stovebolt web site, it was hard to get him away from the computer. He can not believe all the trucks! I got him hooked!

       Here's a little thing I do on the side -- tinker with a few signs, bed and floor strips, signs made of stainless, oh don't forget my laser!

Thanks again,


17 March 2008
# 2146



From Mick :

           Mickster here, outside that old garage. Last week before the snow, one lite bulb sure shines in that stainless! (The Mickster actually sent this to us in January ~ little late; little surprise ~~ Editor)

           Here is what the 'Bolt look like now ... in yellow! I made a stainless steel liner and the guys think it's awesome. Here's a picture of the bed.

           We will see.



           Wow, man Mick ... you've come a long way. No wonder the "brief" brief! Hope to hear more about what you've been doing! ~~ Editor

06 December 2007
# 2146

From Mick :

           Mickster here. This is my 1947 second series Chevy 3/4-ton. I found this in a pole shed while looking for parts with a friend for his John Deere tractor. And tractors we found -- 30 of them -- all John Deere's. This truck was tucked away and all in pieces. ] A mere 500 bucks later, it's mine.

           So, she's sitting in an old farmer's garage that I had cleaned out. He told me I could use the place if i would watch the place for him (he is 85 years young). He was my Dad's friend. We had a large dairy farm and this fellow had his "little" 60 acres. So, we always helped him out when he needed help. So, in the picture, you will see an old farm, a one car garage, one light bulb, and two outlets to work from.

           We just got six inches of snow some my time working on the truck has come to a halt for now. I will send photos in progress soon.

           As for the doghouse, I think I built them -- I didn't tell her for six months.

           I have been fire fighter for over 20 years. We've got big GMC's for pumpers and tankers. One of our GMC pumpers is for sale. It's a 1969 GMC 9500 series with 11,500 miles on it. It's like new! Would make a nice car hauler for some fellow Stovebolter. Just make an offer.

           Looks like you're staying with the tried and true "stovebolt" six as well? Has your honey seen the truck yet? I bet she loves it, if not it'll grow on her. They always do! Keep us appraised of updates in your progress. Hey at least you didn't bring home a half dozen JD'S. ~~ Mike "Burgandybolt" Allen, Stovebolt Welcome (Panel) Wagon


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