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A Cool Old Truck

Kit Carver's

1952 Chevy Pickup


30 April 2002

From Kit:

     Thought I'd send a few pics of "Elmer," my 1952 Chevy. I bought him four years ago in pretty good shape; just got to seriously working on him this fall/winter. This is my daily driver ... I own a computer business and use "Elmer" to pick up and deliver computers, go on service calls, and haul stuff for my yard .... part of the reason (other than my wife's lack of enthusiasm!) for not doing the complete frame-off restoration is I don't want to be afraid to still USE this truck every day and enjoy it, not just have it stored in a garage.

     Before we started:

the bed

216 babbit pounder


     I hired a local farm kid to paint him as I couldn't afford an off-frame restoration at a body shop. He painted it literally in his uncle's barn. I located the original forester green paint codes and had it mixed up. We pulled the engine out as I knew it had a crack in the block. As it turns out, I decided to replace it with a factory-reman. 235, switch over to 12 volt, etc. Installed rebuilt guages and speedometer, etc. etc. Here are a few pics "after":

     I guess you'd call it a "30 foot" paint job, but I'm still pretty happy .... did my best to stick with original appearance as far as paint schemes. In 52, not much chrome...the rear bumper came off a 54 GMC, but works...


Put new radial tires on him, original-style taillights and turn signals, 12 volt wiper motor, new floor mats etc.

It sure is nice to have an engine that starts reliably (kept the 6 volt starter)!


Kit Carver
Woonsocket SD

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