Pat Carter's

1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Shortbed

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30 November 2005

From Patrick:

             Howdy! I share a shop with a few pals where we wrench on old trucks and motorcycles. We call this shop The Bonnevillains. The name is derived from the Bonneville Salt Flats that are right nearby. We frequent the land speed races in summer and fall at the flats to rejuvenate our lust for bizarre speed machines.

             This is another one of our projects, a 1958 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Shortbed. I got this little gem off of eBay in August. The truck was in Arizona. Since we are located in Salt Lake City, the truck was bought basically sight unseen, with the exception of the few pictures featured in the auction. We thought we were getting a good deal until we actually arrived in Phoenix.

             To make a long story short, Photoshop and dishonesty probably makes a good number of nitwits some pretty decent money.


             The truck runs the stock 283 with an Edelbrock carb, headers and pipes that dump behind the front tires and the stock 3-on-the-tree. It is the loudest 283 you will hear on the road. You see, we here at Bonnevillains don't believe in mufflers of any type. If you can talk while it's running, it just ain't loud enough. Making old people shake their fist and babies cry is one of our main goals.

             We also shaved the door handles gave it a suede black paint job and ripped the bumpers off for good measure.



Patrick Carter
Salt Lake City, Utah

             Another Bonnevillain is Frank Booth who has a 1929 Chevy International 1-Ton in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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