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A Cool Old Truck

Tim Carter's

1931 1-1/2Ton

26 April 2002 Update

    Finally (Sept. 2001) got the 2 inch thick rough cut red oak bed on for hauling coal. The extra weight on the truck helps with the "Ruthless" ride now. The red oak was green and I applied liberal amounts of linseed oil to it.

    I gained 560 pounds with the new bed and gross weighted at 4,000 lbs even. Drying over the winter lightened me down to 3680 lbs as per my last (Mar 02) coal run. I have had 2250 lbs of soft coal on grossing at 6250 with the new bed.

    When I enter the coal yard in Snowshoe, PA on Saturday mornings, every trucker stops and jumps out to stand around and watch as the '31 gets loaded. The looks of disbelief are priceless.

    Steering good, brakes a little touchy. Heres new pics of the bed. Next is the dump mechanism. Not sure if I have pics with the coal on.

Keep 'em workin ......



13 March 01 Update

    Tim Carter's 1 1/2 ton: 1931 & a non-stovebolters (1929 Ford) first Antique truck tour. Would like to submit and updated story and pictures from our first tour Mar 3 , 2001.

     Already hauled a load of coal with out changing the bed. Had to wrap it up like a sack of potatoes to save the rails. Decided to haul wood home from the tour to decrease the bone rattling.

     !0 plys on the rear with 13 leaf springs on the 1 1/2 ton make the empty ride memorable in " Ruthless".

     Approx. 80 mile is all we could handle for this trip.

     Will keep you updated on what these trucks were made for.

     I intend on continually proving the hard use these Antiques were built for.

     As you can see, left, don't push your speed up the mountains.

     Till next trip, keep em running & working.



1 December 00


From Tim Carter

     I have a 1931 1-1/2 ton I just purchased for my 48th birthday. I went to Iowa to trailer it home to Central Pa.

     I plan on using this truck to haul coal after I rebuild the bed to an original era dump type.


Tim Carter


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