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Cool Old Truck

Dean Carriveau's

1938 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

3 October 02

From Dean and Janice

Hi folks,

Thought you might like to see our '38 1/2 ton.

My brother bought it from a local farmer in 1956 for $45. It had low mileage but a bad rear end. He replaced the rear end but had problems with the U-joints so didn't drive it before leaving for the navy. The truck was shoved into the garage in '57 where it lanquished until 1963 when my dad pulled it out, repaired the U-joints and droved it back and forth to work until his retirement in 1967.

I learned my washing and waxing detailing skills on this truck when I was thirteen years olds. Dad would haul my brother and I to school when the weather was really cold and the old 216 stovebolt always lit up. The little "Chevrolet Deluxe" heater worked hard to fend off the outside cold.

The truck sat in front of our family home with very little use from about 1968 until I pushed it back into the garage in '85. Weather was starting to take its toll, the brakes were gone, and vandalls were trying to pry the bowties from the sides of the hood.

After another twelve year slumber, I pulled the old Chevrolet out of the garage once again in '97 and rebuilt the brakes (it's nice to stop) and did a ring and valve job on the engine. It's got 92K miles on the clock and purrs like a kitten. Speaking of 92, my dad just turned 92 in July, 2002 and really enjoys rides in his old truck. And me..... I enjoy driving and washing and waxing her.

Dean and Janice Carriveau
Spokane, Washington

Curator "Great story Dean - and nice to see a family truck in such good condition, you have a lucky father!"

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